Baton Rouge home sales soar 25% in May

From the Baton Rouge Business Report:

In a continuation of a trend seen every month this year, home sales in the eight-parish region tracked by the Greater Baton Rouge Association of Realtors were once again significantly better in May compared to the same month last year. The 729 home sales recorded in May by GBRAR as of this morning represent a 24.6% increase over the 585 sold in May 2011. While the sales increase may have been expected in light of similar monthly gains seen so far in 2012, an increase in the average sales price in May will likely come as a pleasant surprise to area realtors. At $197,683, the average home sale in May this year was just shy of 1% better than the $195,885 average sales price in May 2011—and 5% better than the average sales price in April. The monthly average home sale price has consistently been about 5% lower this year compared to 2011. Through May, year-to-date home sales in the Capital Region stand at 2,949. That’s 19.9% better than the 2,458 sold through May of last year, 1% better than the 2,918 sold in 2010, and 12.8% better than the 2,614 sold in 2009. A total of 3,309 sales were recorded through May in 2008, which is about 12.2% more than this year. East Baton Rouge Parish led the May sales increase, with 424 sales—95 more than in May 2011, or a 28.8% increase.